Friday Photo: Protea

Courage: a willingness to go on in the face of uncertainty. Without coffee; map-free. Taking fate by the hand and running until you fall onto the grass. Blowing glass: a pursuit of form.


A love letter to books…

Happy Wednesday! I’m at a bit of a loss this week since my largest work commitment and my class have both ended. It’s strange to have some unexpected free time after being so busy for the past few months, although I’ll take the change for what it is — the waves will come the other way soon enough.

This video has been making the rounds, but I had to share since it made me smile. What do you think happens in bookstores at night?

Hello, 2012

We greeted the holiday season with light…

SFMOMA light installation

welcomed family with good cheer…

and held hands through the dark.

May you have a happy and fulfilling 2012.

Friday Photo: mapping

The forsaken landscape of our week.

Here’s to the weekend.

Friday Photo: the new

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we powered up our faithful car and got our first Christmas tree. Although we’ve had mini trees in past years, this is the first time we’ve decided on a full-sized tree. In this year, during the months before our wedding, it feels right somehow to have a visible symbol of family life in our home. And the green smell of fir has definitely brought cheer during some long days of work in recent weeks. Happy December, all.

On Fridays, I post a photo taken on my iPhone, mostly using Hipstamatic.